Blessed Edward Jones Catholic High School

Week 21 - Tolerance

Prayer for patience and understanding

Dear Lord, please help me.

I lay before you my tiredness and ask for new energy.
I lay before you my frustration and ask for more patience.
I lay before you my resentment and ask for peace.
I lay before you my judgement and ask for inspired understanding.
I lay before you my anger and long to be forgiving.

Please help me, dear Lord.

Prayer for patience and strength

God of grace,

You make me softer, kinder, gentler, generous, forgiving and loving.
Yet at times I know these gifts wear thin. I feel impatience rising, I sense resentment brooding and revenge is on my lips.
So I pray today and all days for more of your Spirit. May the grace that you pour out open the door for a renewing of my mind, a restoration of my heart and a transformation of my soul.

Thank you
That in you I find new strength
Discover more patience
And walk with grace at work in my life.


Tolerance means to endure, to remain the same, to not get upset and lose your composure, to not be thrown into disorder, in a turmoil. You see, it is actually possible to deal with issues without getting all perturbed by them. You just acknowledge the problem and deal with it, to the best of your ability under the present circumstances and conditions.

The world, life itself, is full of reasons to get disturbed about. This seems to be the very nature of this world. People you meet, your work, the school system, the health care, the government, the dynamics of your growth and development, the weather... you name it, and there are always reasons to get irritated about. The world simply ain't perfect. We are not perfect. As I see it, you really have one choice, to be disturbed about every thing you find to your inconvenience, or to choose not to. Our frustrations are a function of our expectations. Better not entertain unreasonable expectations. Problems are there, go on with your life.
In a chosen tutor session this week, put students into groups and ask them to identify 5 things that genuinely cause them to lose their composure in the school day.  This will need to be professionally posed with ground rules that exclude personal issues with other pupils or staff.  Encourage them to have worthwhile, "important" discussions.
  • Explore across the groups where there is "common ground"
  • Lead a discussion to map-out how the main school concern could be dealt with/managed in a more tolerant manner - without it being ignored.  That is, "you just acknowledge the problem and deal with it, to the best of your ability under the present circumstances and conditions" - as above.
  • To help, revisit the Serenity Prayer and ask questions about our responsibilities in society and our limitations.
  • Develop by the end of the week a PowerPoint slide that encapsulates your tutor group's discussions, considerations and commitments.


  • What problems can lead to students losing their composure in school?


  • How could we change our behaviour so that:
    1. we aren't thrown into turmoil?
    2. we are able to deal with the problem as it happens?
    3. we can cope better in similar situations in the future?
    4. the atmosphere in school improves and fewer situations occur?
A Shared PowerPoint will be available for the start of the week.

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