Blessed Edward Jones Catholic High School

Week 32 - Leaving and Moving On

And before we have realised it, Year 11 have started their exams and are already thinking about the next stage of their lives.  Five years on a journey at Blessed Edward Jones and now the rest of their lives away from the school.
Just like the Year 11 students, we are also coming to the end of a chapter in our lives.  As we tick off another year  completed at school, we have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves how well we have done and what we need to do differently or better next year.
The easy option - to ignore problems and carry on as we are and leave things until a later day
The difficult option - to identify what needs to change, make plans to enable us to adjust and change.  Then, take the brave step towards "moving on" and "growing up".
Questions we could ask at this time of the year:
  • Have I acted kindly to those around me who are in need of support?
  • Have I worked to my full potential?
  • Have I behaved in a way that lets other people work to their potential?
  • Have I looked after the environment as well as I might this year?
  • Do I let those people who love me and care for me know how grateful I am?  
  • Do I show my gratitude  by word or by action?
  • Do I encourage less confident people to be brave?
Following the Feast of the Ascension, last week, the Disciples found themselves at a crossroads.  After the trauma of seeing Jesus reduced to die as a criminal, much of the following 50 days were spent in hiding.  As they began to meet the resurected Christ, they didn't fully appreciate what was in store for them.  Their lives were about to change, they were about to receive the Holy Spirit and go out to spread the story of Jesus Christ.
As we go through life
each day presents us
with challenges
that shape us
according to the way we manage them.
The living Word of God
gives us light
for every situation in our life.
This Word is an essential part
of our survival kit.
It is the Word
we can utterly count on
as true and a rock
on which to build our lives,

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